Full-text search

This feature only available in PRO.

Raindrop can search through the entire content of every bookmark and PDF you’ve saved, making it extremely easy to find what you’re looking for. It's like your personal Google!

Your bookmarks are indexed automatically, no need to do anything. Usually only meaningful content of web-page is indexed. Ads, navigation, comments and so on are stripped if possible. Plus Raindrop is only one bookmark manager that could index JS-heavy web-pages!

Be sure that newly added bookmark will not appear in search results immediately. We need some time as described in this article to copy and index each bookmark.

Found part of the web-page will be highlighted in search results along with other details:

Find out more what's you can do with search in this article

Known limitations

  • Fuzzy search is not supported
  • Indexing is happen with slight delay, usually few minutes
  • Bookmark should have permanent copy to be searchable

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