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Mobile App


  • Improve highlights
  • Fix audio filter icon


  • New feature: Highlights
  • Remove Facebook SDK (hugely improve privacy)
  • Bug fixes
    • Fix preview of HTTP (non-secure) links on iOS
    • Fix reorder


  • New:
    • Read articles, watch videos and images without leaving an app
  • Bug fixes
    • Fix bug when app goes background list scroll position is reseted
    • More reliable Google Signin


  • Fix Facebook login
  • Fix crash in search screen on Android


  • New
    • Safari extension, same as we have for desktop browsers! (iOS/iPadOS only)
    • Search screen with new filters:
    • Recent searches
  • Bug fixes
    • Support saving links from some problematic apps (Amazon)
  • Improvements
    • Performance and stability improvements


  • Login or register with username
  • Separate setting for auto save for mobile
  • Fix search crash for some users
  • More obvious expand button in collections list


  • Change app languages in app settings
  • Performance improvement for collections/bookmarks list
  • Fix Share extension
  • Fix crash on some languages