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Third-Party Apps

Introduction can be easly integrated to other apps you use.


Search and add bookmarks to right from Alfred macOS app

Install Workflow


Search your bookmarks in Raycast app

Install extension


Sync and revisit your highlights in Readwise

Connect Raindrop


Just enable in Settings / Article Actions


Just enable in Share settings


Add custom site and provide special URL:[URL]&title=[TITLE]
Also make sure to uncheck Shorten URLs before sharing


Add a custom sharing tool to your Feedly and provide special URL:${url}&title=${title}

One Click Save to

Many RSS Readers support configuring custom share option in they user-interface. You can configure one click save to using this special URL:${url}&title=${title}

Please replace ${url} and ${title} part to appropriate as described in particular RSS reader documentation.

Read Your RSS Feed

Your collections are accessible using built-in RSS feeds. With RSS, you can subscribe using your favorite reader and get notifications whenever new items are posted.

You can grab collection RSS feed link from the share window: