Import bookmarks support import of bookmarks from web browsers and competitors. 

Open our import tool in your desktop browser and follow the instructions.

Supported file formats

  • HTML - almost any service or browser can generate this file for you.
  • CSV - before uploading you need to convert this file into format suitable for Raindrop. Follow instruction here.


  • Only new folders and bookmarks - when you upload the same import file but with new data, this mode will prevent uploading duplicates and ensure structure untouched, only new folders and bookmarks will be imported
  • Import all - select this mode if you want to import everything as is
  • Start from scratch - this mode is the best way to clean your account data completely and replace it with data from import file. Be sure if you already have any data in Raindrop it will be removed and replaced.


We support files up to 50Mb in size. If you have a larger file please use our optimization tool first, it can dramatically reduce file size without any data lose.

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