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iOS app 5.0

Brand new iOS app. Rewritten from scratch with native technology. Expect smooth, native performance, low battery usage and tighter intergration with iOS.

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Tech details

Previously our app have been made with React Native. It's a hybrid web technology that allowed javascript developers build mobile apps. But due to hybrid nature we encountered many limitations like poor performance, inability to create native feature like Widgets, Shortcuts integration and so on, and so on.

I used Swift and SwiftUI to create this brand new app. There high chance I will be able to create a native macOS app in near future. No widgets and shortcuts in this realease yet. But expect them in future updates.

New features

  • Suggested collections - app will be able to predict collection you want to save a new bookmark
  • Masonry view - pinterest like view mode
  • Add highlight in Safari - just select text, tap Share button in Safari toolbar and tap Raindrop. No need to configure any extensions, permissions, etc.
  • Suggested collection icons - visit change icon screen, suggested icons will appear
  • Inline tags editing - edit tags without leaving edit bookmark screen
  • Change bookmark type - sometime Raindrop not able to detect correct page type (article, book, etc), now you can set it manually
  • Nested collections appear in collection view
  • iPad specific features - drag'n'drop, multiple windows, inline search, apple pencil
  • Quick actions in Preview screen - move, tag, delete right from preview screen
  • Alternative app icons


  • No more extension crashes - heavy users have experienced crashes of Share extension (old version) due to strict Apple limits in terms of RAM usage
  • Add to Unsorted extension - additional extension that saves content to Unsorted in one tap. Just another way to quickly add a new content
  • Add bookmark from Preview screen - when you navigate further inside Preview screen you can add new bookmark/highlight's
  • Dedicated Raindrop icon in Safari - when you use Safari browser for opening pages (instead of Preview) there you will find a dedicated Raindrop icon in toolbar
  • Open permanent copy button appear when page preview fail
  • 120fps on supported devices
  • SplitView support on iPhone Pro Max and Plus
  • Small memory footprint, low battery usage
  • 2 times smaller app size


  • Group creation/editing
  • Reorder in grid/masonry view
  • Translations
  • No Auto-save in Share extension

What about Android?

Be patient :) Android is next