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Firefox Extension

I'm using Firefox Containers# can't run from inside containers. To get around of this limitation try this solution:

  • Unassign from permanent container (which will allow you to use the site outside of any container)
  • Disable Temporary Containers (so new tabs don't go into any container)
  • Start a new tab that is outside of containers, and login to (This temporarily fixes the problem and allows the extension to remain logged in for however long the session lasts.)
  • Re-enable Temporary Containers & Re-assign to permanent container

Extension won't load in Firefox's private mode#

The browser extension does not completely function in Firefox’s private browsing mode. This is a known issue specific only to Firefox. We have discussed the problem with Mozilla, however, they seem unable to fix it so that extensions like can function entirely in private mode.

Firefox Bugzilla report:

Extension keeps asking for login#

There could be several reasons why this happen:

  1. Be sure that privacy.firstparty.isolate is disabled
  2. If you using Firefox Containers try workaround mentioned above