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Safari Extension (macOS)

I can't find in Safari's extensions#

It's known bug first seen in Safari 14. I reported it to Apple, but no reply yet. This bug affects any extension made specificially for latest Safari 14 (completely new API).

One of our users found easy workaround:

  1. Download and install Safari Technology Preview
  2. Open and close Safari Technology Preview
  3. Now our extension should show up in regular Safari

Be sure that you have Save to app in Applications folder.
Not for Safari, it's the old one that not supported anymore.

I click on Safari extension and this page appears!#

Upgrade to latest version is required!

Recently we released a new extension for Safari. Due to some limitations it not distributed as an update, instead we released a new separate extension.

Please migrate to it by following this easy steps:

  1. Remove for Safari app from Applications folder
  2. Install new extension from Mac App Store