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Import Data supports importing bookmarks from web browsers and services in various formats.

How to import?#

  1. Grab export file. Check supported formats and limitations below
  2. Upload this file here
  3. Fine tune import settings (optional)
  4. Click Start import and wait for upload is complete
  • Do not close browser tab until upload is complete
  • Bookmark thumbnails and search filters will be fetched shortly after import is complete. You will receive an email notification.

Supported Formats#

Netscape HTML#

Almost any service or browser can generate this file for you. Here how to get it from popular browsers and services: Chrome, Safari, Firefox, Pocket, Google Bookmarks


We support almost any CSV file generated by third-party bookmarking apps.

How to prepare my own CSV file?#

If you want to upload your own CSV file just make sure:

  • Comma delimited
  • Columns: url, folder, title, description, tags, created
  • url column is required, other are optional
  • use / to specify nested folder, like a/b/c
  • to have multiple tags just put them in quotes, like "tag1, tag2"
  • created column should have Unix timestamp or date in ISO 8601 format
  • Column order doesn't matter

Here an example CSV file:

folder,url,title,description,tags,created"Folder",,Google,"Search engine","search, app",1629980125"Folder/Nested folder",,Yahoo,"Another search engine","search, app",1629980125

Validate your CSV file before uploading!


Txt file should have a url per row

ENEX (Evernote)#

You can transfer all your web-clips (bookmarks) from Evernote to, description and tags will be imported as well. Be sure to select ENEX as a file format of export in Evernote.


Pinterest itself doesn't have any tools to export your data. But you can try to use great third-party app called Pinback that can help you download export file. Just follow instructions on Pinback site.


Before you start import, please select how much data you want to transfer:

Only new folders and bookmarksWhen you upload the same import file again but with new data, this mode will prevent uploading duplicates and ensure structure untouched, only new folders and bookmarks will be imported.

If you not sure select this mode
Import allSelect this mode if you want to import everything as is (including duplicates)
Start from scratchThis mode is the best way to clean your account data completely and replace it with data from import file.
Be sure if you already have any data in Raindrop it will be removed and replaced.


  • We support files up to 50Mb in size. If you have a larger file just archive it (as ZIP file)
  • Evernote attachments are not supported yet
  • Google Bookmarks file should have a GoogleBookmarks.html file name to properly import it