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Sync Issue

If isn't syncing across your apps, please try the following steps to resolve the issue:

Refresh the page, or reopen app#

If your account isn’t syncing automatically, you can force a manual sync in your app. Just refresh the page or close app and open it again.

If is still failing to sync after you try forcing a manual sync, please try following the troubleshooting steps below:

Check if you’re logged in with the same account#

In some cases, it might look like your account isn’t syncing across platforms, but in reality, you’re logged into two different accounts. This could be because you either have multiple accounts or you might have created a new one by accident.

Just to be sure please logout and login back with the same credentials on all platforms.

Bookmarks in my browser doesn't update# is not capable of syncing bookmarks across different browsers. In other words when you add new bookmark through browsers built-in "Add bookmark" dialog, it will not be saved to Raindrop or other browsers where you have our extension.

You need to always use our extension to add new bookmarks.

Please read this pinned message to learn more why there is no browser-to-browser bookmarks sync in