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  • Remove Google Analytics
  • No more ask for save unsaved changes when you just navigate to other screen inside of an app
  • When you press Tab in tags field, highlighted tag will be selected instead of creating new one
  • Remove auto-close from add bookmark window
  • Fix add bookmark window in Brave browser
  • Fix Safari extension in-app purchase window when you click on any link


  • Search
    • Now 5x time faster
    • New advanced search operators
      • Find exact phrase
      • Exclude conditions
      • Match any condition
      • Search for items created/updated in specific date
      • Find by any part of an URL
      • Find items that have (or not) a permanent copy
      • Find only in title/description (turn off full-text search)
    • Now it's possible to search by a part of a word
    • Recent searches
  • Extension
    • New overlay save page/link dialog (when you save by hotkey or a context menu)
      • Now it opened inline on a page unlike old window that you need manually close all the time
      • It automatically closes after a few seconds
    • Cover selector now shows 10 images from web-page
    • Significantly improve initial load time of a extension popover
    • Significantly improved parser (especially for Youtube)
    • Safari specific
      • Fix annoing permissions dialog
      • Show [โœ”] as badge
      • Fix hotkeys visibility in settings
      • Hide omnibox option (not available in Safari)
  • Overall
    • New settings page design
    • New sepia theme
    • Improve translation for almost all languages


  • Save all tabs
    • Click Tabs... in bottom right corner if you have Clipper extension mode
    • Mouse over Save button and click Save tabs if you have Mini App extension mode


  • New Share window
    • Now you can add description and embed to website/blog
  • New Remove all empty collections action
  • Fix tags autocomplete, do not submit form when some tag is highlighted
  • Fix bug when all new tags are lowercase by default
  • Fix gap between bookmarks buttons in Safari
  • Fix Maximum call stack size exceeded error for some users
  • Fix search bug when query have a percent symbol
  • Improve translation


  • Improve search
  • If you don't like default sorting by relevance for search you can change it now in settings


  • Now you can upload your own avatar in settings
  • Login or register with username
  • Now everywhere in the app username is showed instead of a real name
    • You can change your username in settings
    • Why? To improve privacy (1), new public pages will have username in URL's (2) and it's just convinient to login with a username instead of email (3)


  • Tags autocomplete now shows a new tag as separate item (more obvious how to create a new tag)


  • Speed up saving new bookmarks speed in extension (nearly instant now)
  • Unsaved changes warning bug fix
  • Improve translation ES, IT, PL
  • Sort search results by relevancy by default
  • Improve compatibility with old browsers (Chrome >= 67, Safari >= 10, Firefox >= 55, Edge >= 80)