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With you can store files and locate previous inspiration easily. Upload your documents to instead of creating never-ending email trails.

Supported File Types#

  • Images (jpeg, gif or png)
  • Videos
  • Documents (pdf, doc, xls, and more)

Drag and drop#

To upload items from your computer, drag items from your desktop into a collection on your browser. Your items will instantly start uploading to

You can also drag items from other web pages into your collection including links and images.

Upload using the plus button#

To upload items from your computer, click on the plus button in the top right corner of your collection. You will then see the options to upload links and files.

Choose β€˜link’ to add links by pasting in the URLs.

Click β€˜file’ to upload files and then choose the files from your computer using the file picker.


  • Each file can't be larger than 100mb
  • In Free plan you can upload up to 100mb in total per month
  • In Pro plan you can upload up to 10gb in total per month (each month)