Permanent copy

This feature only available in PRO.


Raindrop automatically creates copies of all web-pages and files in your collection. That way, even if an item changes or is taken offline, you will be able to open the version that you have saved in Raindrop.

Web-pages are saved entirely with CSS, fonts and images. Raindrop is only one bookmark manager that can save JS-heavy (SPA) web-pages. Permanent copy is fully portable, static and doesn't have any external data source dependencies or scripts. All ads and tracking scripts are stripped away!

Content of web-pages and PDF's is fully searchable as described in full-text search feature.

Space for your copies is unlimited. Link to your copy is private and can't be made public.

When PRO subscription is expired, permanent copies become unaccessible and could be removed in future.

How long it takes to copy all of my bookmarks?

It's depends on count of your bookmarks and global queue. Usually 1000 bookmarks will be copied in half an hour. If it takes a lot longer, please contact with us at

Be sure that after upgrade to PRO, copies will not appear immediately. We need some time to copy each of your bookmarks, as described above.

How to access permanent copy?

In context menu click "Open permanent copy"


Some bookmarks or files can't be saved by several reasons described below. When this happen you will see special icon like this:

Known limitations

  • Bookmarks in "Trash" are ignored and not saved
  • Maximum size of entire web-page/file is limited by 70 Mb
  • Video, audio and iframes included in web-page could not be saved
  • Web-pages with fancy animations based on scroll position could not be saved correctly
  • Links that require login or not publicly accessible could not be saved
  • Small amount can't be saved due to script failure, those will be automatically retried
  • If you found bookmark that marked as "failed to copy" by mistake, please send this link to

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