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Public Page

Your bookmarks and collections are private by default, but with one click, you can generate a public link to share them with entire web. Anyone with the link (sign-up is not required) will be able to view your wall but not edit it.


Read this article if you want to give an edit access to your collection.

Enable Public Page

  1. Go to web app
  2. Open the collection you want to share, then click the Share button in top right corner of the screen.

  1. From here just turn on Public Page and copy URL


If you need to embed bookmarks to your website or blog read this article


You can change appearance of your public page by appending special parameters at the end of a URL.

Imagine you have such public page URL:, just add /view/...parameters-here... at the end, so final URL will be for example

Notice that parameter and value is divided by =, and there & between each parameter-value group.

ParameterPossible valuesDefault valueDescription
sort-created, created, -title, title-createdBookmarks order
search#tag or apple, etc...noneSearch query
themelight, dark or autolightTheme
page0, 1, 2, etc...0Pagination
perpage1, 2, ... max 5030How many bookmarks per page