macOS Safari extension

Where to get Safari extension?

Due to recent changes in Apple politics all Safari extensions should be distributed as dedicated application on Mac App Store.

So our extension is now only available from Mac App Store.

How to enable extension?

Just installing application is not enough. You have to do several easy steps.

First of all you need to enable extension, please click  "Safari" -> "Preferences"

Next go to "Extensions" tab and enable checkbox near "Raindrop for Safari".

If you not see "Raindrop for Safari" in the list, please try to reinstall app from Mac App Store.

New toolbar button will appear. Click on it to start using extension.

Please do not remove "Raindrop for Safari" application from "Applications" folder. Otherwise Safari extension is also be removed automatically.

How to login or signup?

If you not logged in yet, click on toolbar button. Welcome screen will appear, where you can login or signup.

Why extension need access to all websites?

Our extension actually needs access to:

  • URL of currently opened tab
  • Encrypted login token from

Unfortunately Apple does not allow fine-tuning of permissions, so we can't limit access to only this fields.

But do not worry, we do not sell or send any sensitive information about you. Because our extension is placed on Mac App Store, you can be sure that Apple is reviewed and approved this app, and it not contains anything dangerous.

Please use Share extension instead if you do not want give such access. Share extension have very limited permissions (access to URL and title of page only).

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