macOS Safari extension

Where to get Safari extension?

Go to Mac App Store to install latest Safari extension

How to enable extension?

Just installing application is not enough. You have to do several easy steps.

First of all you need to enable extension, please open Safari and click  Preferences menu

Next go to Extensions tab and enable checkbox for

New toolbar icon will appear. Click on it to start using extension.

Upgrade from previous Safari extension

Follow this guide only if you have extension version 2.4 or lower. extension for Safari have been always behind all other browsers in terms of features due to incomplete support for many extension API's in Safari.

Everything's changed with release of Safari 14. Now it has first-class support for Web Extensions.

We highly recommend to upgrade to Safari 14 and install our latest browser extension to have best experience.

To do so please follow this easy steps:

  1. Remove old "" extension
  2. Install new Save to app
  3. Enable in Safari Preferences / Extensions ta

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