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Browser Extension

Getting started​

With our browser extension, you can easily add new bookmarks and conveniently access them.
There are multiple ways to access the extension in your browser:

Toolbar button​

When you're browsing the web and want to save your current web page to, use the toolbar button to do it in just a few clicks.

If you cannot locate the cloud toolbar button, please click on the "puzzle" icon first and then pin it for easy access.

Side panel​

In Chrome, Firefox, and Opera, you have the option to open the side panel, providing you with constant and convenient access to your bookmarks. What's even cooler is that you can simply drag new links and images into the panel to save them.


Press Alt+Shift+B or in a toolbar right click on icon and select Open sidebar.


Press Alt+Shift+B or in main menu click View / Sidebar /
Or pin sidebar button in a toolbar to have a quick access


You can find a cloud icon in browser sidebar

Context menu​

Right click anywhere on the page and select one of available actions like:

How to​

Save Page​

  1. Browse to a website or video you would like to save to
  2. Click the extension button or press ⌘+β‡ͺ+S (on a Mac), Ctrl+Shift+S (on a Windows)
  3. Click the Save button to send the content to the Unsorted or chosen collection
  1. Right-click on a link or image
  2. Select Save link or Save image

Add highlight​

Save All Tabs​

When you have many tabs open, saving them one at a time is a bit tedious. Instead you can save them at once.

How to use?

  • If you have Clipper appearance just click Tabs… in bottom left corner of a window.
  • If you have Mini App appearance just mouse over Save and select Save tabs….

By default saved tabs will have a tag with a date. That way you can find them easly later.

Search from Address Bar​

You can search your bookmarks right from browser address bar by typing special keyword before your query.

Just type rd and then your search query. For example rd design.


Feel free to use advanced search operators to find precisely


This feature is not available in Safari, Vivaldi


Chrome only: Make sure that Chrome Settings / Search engine / Keyboard shortcut setting value is Space or tab

Enable Saved Page Indicator​

See if a page already saved: special [βœ”] indicator will be showed when you visit already saved page

  1. Click on a extension button
  2. Click on your profile avatar
  3. Click Settings
  4. Enable Tabs access in Permissions section

Tips & tricks​

One Click Save​

Do you prefer to save new bookmarks as fast as possible and organize them later? Follow few simple steps to enable one click save mode:

  1. Click on a extension button
  2. Click on your profile avatar
  3. Click Settings
  4. Select Clipper in Appearance section
  5. Enable Save automatically in New bookmark section


CommandmacOSWindows / Linux
Save current page / highlight⌘+β‡ͺ+SCtrl+Shift+S
Open browser extension⌘+β‡ͺ+ECtrl+Shift+E
Open sidepanelβŒ₯+β‡ͺ+BAlt+Shift+B

Firefox only: the hotkey for save current page / highlight is Alt+Shift+S

Change hotkey​

Here how to access and change all available hotkeys (keyboard shortcuts):

Chrome, Opera, Edge, Brave​

  1. Paste chrome://extensions/shortcuts URL into browser address bar and press Enter
  2. Find


  1. Paste about:addons URL into browser address bar and press Enter
  2. Click on a cog icon
  3. Click Manage Extension Shortcuts
  4. Find


Not supported to change hotkeys

Privacy & FAQ​

What data does the extension collect?​

The browser extension does not do or collect anything unless you tell it to. It sits quietly in the background, waiting for you to interact with it.

What that means is, only if you press a button (for example: will it send a URL, or an image to the servers so we can bookmark it for you. We will NEVER access anything else in your browser without your permission and explicit action.